Cult Pens Mini Fountain Pen

New post centering on my favourite pen site for browsing and drooling over which pens I want next, I am of course talking about
Cult pens have taken an interesting and bold step, manufacturing their own pen, and not just any old style of pen but a mini fountain pen.

And here it is, the Cult Pens Mini Fountain Pen in all its glory, it is a bit hard to tell from the pictures just how big this pen actually is, so here are the dimensions direct from description:
Barrel diameter: 9.5mm, stepping up to meet the 10.5mm cap
Length capped: 105mm, uncapped: 93mm, posted: 123mm
Weight: 20g

Some more details:
"There's a choice of five nib sizes, from EF to BB. The nib is the same German-made steel nib from Bock that features in Kaweco's highly respected AL Sport, Liliput and Dia pens, among others; so not only is it a good quality, smooth nib, but it's easy to replace if it's ever damaged accidentally, or if you just decide you fancy a change of width."
I have really high hopes for this pen, I will certainly be getting one soon, soon as i can justify it to myself, even though it is a very reasonable price. I think it could well become a favourite everyday pen, ideal for pockets and notebooks. Only time and use will tell, stay tuned for a full review once I get one. One note, for some reason this pen wants to make me trying it with the extra fine nib, not sure why, but I'm strangely excited by the thought.
They also have a huge range from various manufacturers of ink cartridges to fit this, and other, mini pens, a colour to suit every desire surely. If anyone already has one, please let me know, or even get in touch for a guest post.

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