Bic All in one disposable fountain pen

Unsurprisingly BIC are also in the disposable fountain pen arena, what is more of a surprise is that hey are not the market leaders, I would say that Pilot and their famous disposable fountain pen the Pilot V5 must be ahead in the number of units sold, surely?
Anyway, here is BIC's contribution, and again coming as no surprise they are only available as a multi-pack, now depending on where you buy them and what price you can get them for they are either very reasonable or over priced, I  managed to find these for £1.99 for the pack of four (one free! WOOHOO!) consisting of 2 blue, 1 black and 1 red, I shall not go into the issue with most pen manufactures believing that consumers prefer blue ink over black, other than to say black is very popular too! *rant over*
So, what to say, the pen is of all plastic construction, apart from the nib of course, viewing windows in the side of the barrel to observe ink level, a good sturdy solid plastic pocket clip, a very reassuring feel to it in fact of the few pocket clips I would actually trust to do its job.
A nice sturdy and durable nib, neither fine nor medium, somewhere in between, not much noticeable flex when writing, the ink flows straight away on first use, and continues to through writing, with a nice smooth travel over the page, not always evident in disposable fountain pens.
The cap in all it's glory, not much more to say really about the cap that has not already been said regarding it and the pocket clip earlier, other than to say that it caps nice and firmly with a reassuring feel. 
As to be expected the ink delivery system is by the standard veined fin workings, this method seems to be pretty much ubiquitous across the industry now. One nice touch is the reinforcement of the nib attachment to the plastic carrier, many pens of this type i have seen rely on the nib to stay attached just by one mounting point, hopefully this points to a good writing life for the pen.
It's test time, the pens come as a pack of four (in this special offer) comprising of blue, black and red pens. As you can see the written line is in the fine side, but not so much that I found it scratchy. The blue and black inks lay down nicely giving good colour reproduction ,matching expectations, the red I found in normal light to actually look slightly orange or even pink, dependent on lighting, not as red as I would have liked, this could be down to colour intensity or thickness of the ink, it's opacity. It's not a huge problem, for a disposable fountain pen I think you can live with slightly "off" colours, after all they are meant to be everyday every use pens, not a special ink or colour cast. Having said that I do actually like the colour of BIC's red, it is not the same sort of red that the BIC Crystal we all familiar with lays down, it actually looks rather special on perusal.

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