New Finds: Pilot V5, Pilot DR & Uni Pin Fine Line

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Here we have a couple of very interesting new finds discovered recently while shopping.

First up is a new range of Pilot V pens, the 5mm and 7mm variants, but these are new refillable pens, fantastic! I have always wondered why Pilot, didn't already do cartridge refill pens in the V series, now here they are. I'm still to try these out, but I'm sure they will probably write very much like the disposable version, price point look with little research to be about twice the standard price of disposable versions, which is OK i guess for a refill pen. Personally I think Pilot are missing out here, why not instead or as well, make a slightly more premium version of the V series pens that are refillable, I think more people would invest the extra money in something that will more likely last, a steel version or something similar. After all, the refill pen looks to be exactly the same as standard disposable, while the standard pen does last well till ink runs out, I wonder if the refill version will last 4 times as long. But all in all a nice development, this may well push me over to Pilot V series pens for every day use, shame the full range of colours doesn't seem to have been released, a small critique but may well be the decider for some.
Next are a couple of pens from Pilot and Uni. For those regular readers you probably already know that I am a fan of drawing pens, any and all sorts, pencils too, and pastels as well, basically any art implements. But my favorite are definitely drawing pens, technical pens some call them, usually these are form the classic manufactures of art consumables, as well as some Asian makers, Zig etc. and usually are hard to come by, if not nigh on impossible, unless you frequent art supplies shops, which usually charge a premium for stocking these.
Well here we have two new pens from Pilot and Uni, found at Asda (WalMart for our American friends), both of which are marketed as drawing pens, the difference between these and the normal variants being they come filled with pigment ink, which is naturally water and light resistant, meaning the line last longer when on display, an obvious importance when we are creating artworks, they are both sold for technical drawing/drafting purposes, but I'm sure they are perfectly acceptable for drawing in the artistic sense of the word.
The Pilot pen comes as a single pen per pack, I've already done a review post of the non-drawing version of the pen in an earlier post, have a look back as there is also some artwork created by me using the V5 Hi-Tec point pen. No doubt there will be varying nib widths of the pen, but on display was only the 03.
Second up is the Uni Pin fine line set of 5 pens, again filled with pigment ink, with a nice selection of nib widths in the pack, from 0.1 to 0.8, a really useful starter set for budding artists like me, these are also available in other colours, blue, dark blue, red, green, black, yellow/orange and purple. These seem very interesting pens to me, suiting my art and drawing style and I'm sure to be getting some of these soon, probably in all colours available. Watch out for a review as soon as I do.
One last note, the Uni pen pack of 5 was less than twice the price of the single Pilot pen, why I'm not sure, both brands are on a par in terms of quality and respectability, so I can only assume that the Uni pack is very reasonable.

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