Staedtler Lumocolor Fine Permanent

So here we have a permanent fibre tipped pen from Staedtler called the Lumocolor, that american spelling again, COLOUR! that is also lightfast and waterproof.
What exactly "Dry Safe" is meant to tell us about the ink qualities of the pen I'm not entirely sure, so if you do please leave a comment and let me know.
Anyway, I'm not really one for using fibre tipped pens as everyday writing instruments, even when fine nibbed as this one is, though they do of course have their place, in most cases (if not every) the ink bleeds through really too heavily on most papers except the thickest, not the sort you would want to use for notes/writing etc.
As you would expect the pen lays down a very definite and solid line throughout the cursive turn, in other words there are no skips or blanks when writing any letter, and is very black, in a nice way though, a nice assured and authoritative line, but again, unless needed and used on the correct medium, not an everyday general writing pen.
Having said that the Lumocolor is a great pen for other uses, I have used them for all sorts of applications  disc labeling (but only on ones with a print surface, permanent markers can "burn" though discs), art applications, label marking for technical work, pretty much anything where you need indelible writing with a fine point, to my mind I actually prefer them to Sharpies for this sort of thing, but to their detriment they do not come in as large a range of colours, black being the only option, but there is a range of nibs.
The nib being fibre does have anice flow across the surface and never feel liabel to flex or bend when writing, I do know through personal use that the nib does wear and spread, although I put a lot of that spread down to being used on rough surfaces and with unnecessary pressure when writing with it, we all know a heavy handed writer!
There is really not that much more to say on the writing experince, it feels pleasant in the hand, does not skip while writing and the barrel feel s sturdy enough, I would personally have preffered the pen to be a little wider in the barrel, just for comforts sake during prolonged use, but agian this is down to personal taste.
So, down to the construction, the pen is not refillable unlike the Pilot V Super Color (there's that missing U again) of which there is a post review in the coming weeks, apart from size and colour range, but it is a completely different type of marker with different intended uses.
As you would expect from Staedtler and a permanent marker the top fits snugly and securely to the barrel, a very reassuring thing with permanent markers, and the pocket clip is very sturdy but I would have licked it to be a bit more springy and hold tighter than it does.
There are fine tip (the classic according to Staedtler), chisel tip and an extra soft tip for CD/DVD marking versions available, ranging from 0.4mm for the extra fine tip up to 2/5mm for the chisel tip, depending how it is held and used, the writing pen is a 0.6mm line.

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