Parker Lanyard Pen

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So here we have a Parker Rollerball pen, a lanyard version.
There is really not much to say about this pen, it's a Parker and comes with a lanyard to wear it aroudn the neck, I have never found pens to be comfortable or indeed all that more accessible when worn on a lanyard  usually just getting in the way, but i do know people who think they are invaluable when they can be attached or worn to lanyards and the like.
The lanyard (I have lost mine, that says something about lanyards or me, not sure which) attaches to the top where the writing nib comes out, it is also retractable the push part being the green section visible there and like all retractable pens I have encountered the barrel has a little play in it when the nib is out.
Here the writing nib/rollerball can be seen protruding ready for writing, the lanyard attaches over the pointed section of the pen seen here, it does fit securely and with a "click" when attached.
Here is the pen disassembled showing the refill, a standard Parker rollerball refill, this one happens to be blue, why do all new pens come with blue ink?
Other than the above there is not much else to say about the pen, the ink flows OK  typical Parker quality and easy to refill, here comes the test, remember the test always includes a literary quote, see if you know it and comment what it is from if you know it, just for fun and your own pleasure there are no prizes or rewards.


  1. errr, that's not a rollerball refill; but a ballpoint refill :)