Cretacolor Classic Black 5.6mm Leadholder

The Cretacolor.43000, an unusual name for a lead holder/clutch pencil, is definitely from the budget end of lead holders (or clutch pencil, whichever you prefer), but is very well made never the less. Comes supplied with a 5.6mm black 2B (not actually identified on site, but my guess at lead softness) 123mm long lead, more leads are available in Graphite, White Pastel, Sanguine Oil, Sepia Light, Sepia Dark, Graphite 4B, Charcoal, 2B, 4B & 6B, as well as light/dark sepia & Sanguine, from various manufacturers via Cultpens.

The written line is variable through the written word and sentence, a very soft variable writing head which lays down a very dark and easy sliding line. The integrity of the deposited graphite is as you would expect very susceptible to smudging, both wet and dry, but I would not use this as a heavy writer, more of a sketch pencil for travel and flow charting etc.
The Clutch action is very firm and reassuring, though how long this will last will only be told through prolonged use. If your after a budget lead holder either for travel/pocket then I would certainly recommend this one, with plenty of options for lead colours and hardness options you should be able to kit out a sketch kit for not much investment at all.
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