Schneider Slider Memo XB *UPDATED*

The Schneider Memo XB is a very nice smooth writer, ink flows easily and instantly from first use, what the actual names means is open to discussion, thou it may have something to do with it being marketed as a scholars, or pupil as the manufactures website has it, pen, but as a "memo" pen, then its does it's job admirably, writing quickly and efficiently with a quick drying time. Ink is also "wipe proof" when used with highlighters and waterproof, some nice considerations and presumably why its marketed as a school/pupils pen. A nice range of colours is also available, apart form the normal blue. black and red, there are Green, Orange, Violet an Lilac (these are my interpretations of the colours on official website, as there are no supplied colour names by the manufacturer), each colour having its own barrel colour combination, the inner black part barrel of test pen changing to math ink colour.

The drying time is acceptable for any but the quickest of left handed writers, I am not left handed so please let me know if a "dryer" pen is best, with a strong, even and medium thickness line, again stated by manufacturer as 1.4mm, laid down easily and with little effort. Presumably due to the Viscoglide (R) - Technology used by the German manufacturer.
Below is a plain paper ink test with bleed through. As you can see its a nice fine dark and constant line with very little show thought to reverse side.

Written line test, plain "copier" paper
Bleed thought test, 80 gsm plain white copier paper

The body of the pen itself is very comfortable, light and easy on the hand, with a slight rubbery feeling to the bulk of the covering (blue bits). The pocket clip feels very strong and has a reassuring heft in it's spring, this pen is going nowhere in every day use and carrying, the cap itself fits snugly over the nub and even more snugly when mounted for writing, a stop lug is in place to prevent over fitting (see second picture below).
All in all a pleasant and promising everyday/pocket pen. The nib itself is stainless steel and wear resistant. The pen does not appear to be user dissemble, so i would say it is a disposable.

See for more info, using the penfinder to find this pen, and to browse the other products from manufacturer.

I received the pen as a free sample from when purchasing other items, I can heartily recommend them for any of your pen, refill and ink needs, free delivery on orders over £10 and ship worldwide.

Include the book the test quote is from in the comment area for personal kudos, all tests will have an (CLUE) opening line from a literary work.

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