I have a bit of a thing for notebooks too, the paper kind.
So much so that even I readily admit that I have too many.
But that's not the point, I  use them everyday, not all of them of course, this is just the stock for future use, which is always being added to, and, bar a few exemptions, they are all bargain finds, from various sources, more of which later.
Within these notebooks I also class generic organisers, such as the three in the second from top row in the photo below (#2); the black A5 (petrol station gift), green A5 (Wilkinson) and brown FC Barcelona A5 (FCB shop) examples are my regularly used ones.
There are some other interesting types and paper below, more of which later, examples of paper quality and writing reviews will follow in the days and weeks ahead.

#1 Collection Part 1
Above are some interesting examples (#1), the blue and yellow hard backed A5 books in the middle are actually Miquelrius manufactured notebooks, only ever seen for sale in Barcelona Airport duty free shops, the Warhol inspired hardback A5 in the same row was a discount shop find, many years ago no, with no distinguishable maker, although I suspect it is a named maker as the paper quality is very nice.
Bottom left and top right art punched index card folders, with subject dividers, I'm not sure what I will ever use these for but I've got them for when I do and that's the important point. Top left are 2 packs of punched rainbow index cards, not refills for the two folders, but the smaller 3" inch size, a folder for these was not included as its identical in all aspects other than size to the red and blue examples shown.
Bottom right is a Muji aluminium A6 folio folder, this is what i use when I know I'm going to be making a lot of notes, factual or descriptive notes, not creative notes, Muji refill paper and their notebooks in general I find take a pencil very well, among some of the best pencil notepaper I've used. Top middle are 2 ASDA (Wal-Mart for American readers) A5 black 3 pocketed ribboned cream plain and squared notebooks, two of which are in my daily users, see further below.

#2 Collection Part 2 
Above (#2) second from right on the bottom row are two very interesting new pocket notebooks, from Miquelrius they are marketed as Stonepaper, essentially they are waterproof, so much so that in store displays have example books fully immersed in water, how exactly the stone comes into play is never really explained beyond what can be found on the Miquelrius website, "gypsum, limestone and marble mixed with resin and we have stone paper", check back soon for a paper test with these books, I'm very excited myself to see how they take ink and stand up to water in the real world. More on Miquelrius and these Stonepaper notebooks.

#3 Every day users
#4 The ever trusty Sharpie method of spine labeling
As you can see I have used the ever popular and trusty Sharpie method for labeling the spines, though it's fine for these everyday books I would personally use a labeling machine for long term archiving, mainly because my writing is terrible and even more so when trying to write on a spine.

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