Pens in the wild - Tratto 1

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A new theme of posts, possibly, lost/discarded/abandoned pens.
This inaugural post is of a Tratto 1 twist action Biro, very much like a standard Bic Biro we all know and use, but with a twist action to extend the nib. 

A nice little design touch I thought,  rather like the look of this pen, no idea what it writes like, so please leave a comment if you have used these or any of their extended range, all of which can be found here (english page link).
They seem to have a very nice range of disposable and refillable pens, as well as a large range of arts and crafts materials and also make up, bit out of leftfield there.


  1. I worked with a Romanian girl who used these pens, and they're amazing(!). I really wish I could buy them in the US. Do you know if they're available anywhere outside of Europe or Canada?

    1. Hi,
      thanks for the comment.
      i'm not sure where they are available, can only suggest checking out the website of manufacturer,
      if enough are interested i'm happy to buy here and ship, as with any pen on the blog that are not available where you are.