Paper Mate Flair Nylon

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So here we have the ubiquitous Paper Mate Fibre Tip writing pen, again I have issues with manufacturers stipulating what pens should be used for, surely it's up to the user, but I guess they have to discern their intended use for design, ink properties etc.
Personally I like these pens a lot, for writing they are effortless to use, for quick notes on the 
post-it notes etc (how I usually use these for) they are ideal, as well as for marking up labels and discs etc where permanence is not needed or wanted, the ink I have found can easily be washed away from smooth surfaces easily, although i agree not everyone may have such a specific need or use in mind.
They do bleed through heavily on many papers, even heavy ones, they are in my opinion quite a "wet" pen all be it a fibre tip, the nib I have found over time does wear on the writing side and find it advisable to rotate the pen over long writing or marking sessions to avoid heavy wear on one side, if not the nib becomes very flexible and approaches a level of wear such that it is rendered unusable.
As you can see the pen itself is a very basic affair, a solid colour plastic barrel with the maker's mark only appearing on the metal pocket clip, a sticker is usually placed on the barrel with barcode when bought singularly, though these can be bought in multipacks, of single colours of various colours, I have seen the black, red & blue versions everywhere but other colours are available, such as purple & turquoise which I have only ever spotted in Staples.
As you  can see the line is very black and wide, even though the tip can be rather fine when new the line from first writing is a Bold thickness, over time the line widens with use to the point of almost writing like a brush pen. Although the ink lays down wet and can show through on most paper types feathering is not too much of a concern, the paper used for test is standard 5" x 3" index cards and very absorbent, the line draws rapidly despite these characteristics. Paper Mate assure the ink will not bleed through, so maybe I should clarify that it "shows" through more than bleeds through, it is after all a very black, thick line so draw your own conclusions on where and when you should or shouldn't use it, I personally would not use it in a pocket notebook or on any papers less than 100gsm if you intend to use both sides. Be aware also that over time, considerable time admittedly, the ink does yellow and exhibit a rainbow corona, especially if ever exposed to dampness.
Here's the nib in it's new state, and the ever present bar code, as you can see the point presents a nice writing size for those who prefer a more Bold line than a fineliner, the cap i sery long in retrospect which does make for a long posted pen to write with, some prefer this some don't, which ever way you like it I find it very easy to write with posted or not as it is a very light pen and does not exhibit and back heavy ness when posted or feel to short when not.
The pocket clip does stand up well to use and carries the pen firmly when used on shirt/thin pockets, but it does fatigue quickly when it has to stand up to any sort of abuse or exuberant fiddling, I actually de-clip these pens when I intend to use them for any length of time, I just find it a more aesthetically pleasing look without the clip.
Available almost everywhere.

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