Pens in the wild - BIC Cristal & BIC "dry pen" offer

Another Pens in the wild post and this time its the ubiquitous BIC Cristal in the yellow barrel and black ink configuration we all know and love/loathe. This one is even sadder than normal as it has so obviously been discarded after a use of no more than a few words, by the looks of it an address on some present or parcel dispatch.
And of course it just had to be in the Post Office.
This disposable attitude towards cheap pens is not just sad for the pen it costs you money, over and above the cost of the pen itself, though I do not know of anyone who has ever bought a BIC Cristal, they are all "borrowed" form other people/shops/stationary cupboards and discarded when no longer viable to chew or just done the job, so perhaps there is not much monetary loss usually. But know you could be losing out much more, BIC have a new promotion on, sen din your empty/dry/fully used/"run out" pen along with the receipt for it and you could claim £10! No doubt there will be proviso's to the offer, or everyone would just buy handfuls of them and colour in everythig they could find, how long would a Cristal take to run dry through use? Someone must have tried this somewhere, surely, if you know let me know.


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