Shopping finds

 Some new notebooks found the other day in Tesco, a while back I blogged about them now stocking Rhodia notebooks, well they now seem to have developed their own range too.
The standard design, nothing groundbreaking, a soft leatherette cover with the usual amount if pages and GSM rating and the of course customary/standard/ubiquitous elastic closer band.
Sadly, they are made in China, of course, as are most of the high street brand notebooks, probably more than we realise too. I personally think they have pitched them too expensive for an own brand notebook, £5 just seems that little too much, especially compared to similar products available from ASDA for around the £3-£4 pound area. 
 Fabriano have also made an appearance in Tesco too, the have been available in ASDA also for the last few weeks, they are a brand I have never come across before. Anyone got any experience with them?
And just to finish off, the full sale range now available in Tesco, for anyone who needs a new notebook, or just needs their fetish feeding. A nice selection of the usual witty/quirky/patterned smattered notebooks, nothing especially exciting or interesting, but all of nice enough quality and a fair selection of ruled and plain pages.

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